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Factors that Influence Internet Security

The internet has many advantages that help modern life. It is now possible to communicate with and stay connected with friends or family members from anywhere on the planet. Shopping and banking online have become hugely popular and offer many benefits to all. The downside is that the Internet can bring security risks that can escalate exponentially if it’s not taken care of. This is especially true if you install the latest antivirus software. You can get the best guide on

While there are many factors that affect internet security, the best thing you can do is to have the most current antivirus protection software installed in your computer. This will ensure that you stay protected from security threats that may come up almost every day via the internet.

Here are some ways that you can increase your internet security.


Spyware refers to malware threats such Trojans. Adware, pop-up ads, modified cookies, keyloggers and other malicious software. Spyware does NOT include viruses which can replicate themselves and steal information from computer systems. Spyware basically monitors your online activity and uncovers security holes. That is the first and most important step in making sure your computer system is secure from hackers. Computer hackers can access sensitive information on your computer system using spyware. This includes passwords and user-ids for social networking sites and bank information. Anti-spyware that comes with free software is not recommended. It has been shown many times that the majority of anti-spyware programs are spyware.

Spam Mail

Spam mails may not be very dangerous but can contain links to malicious websites or embedded viruses. If you click to browse, download or save the email (only if it contains files that can be downloaded), your system may become infected with an embedded virus or spyware. You should avoid falling prey to these types of viruses by using the most current virus protection software along with trusted email websites such as Hotmail, Yahoo Mail and Gmail. They provide protection from spam mails through a warning message when you attempt to open an email from the junk or spam box.